How is my data protected?

Protecting your data in DonkeyBean is very important to us.

DonkeyBean retrieves and stores data from your accounting software to create the reports for you.

The data it retrieves includes invoice templates, account codes, client names, and other data (such as your timezone and country). We have very strong privacy protection for your data.

Your Xero company name, contact names, invoice line descriptions and all financial amounts are stored in an encrypted format in our database.  We use OpenSSL encryption using AES128 to encrypt this data. We use both a key and a initialisation vector (IV) during the encryption process (both which stored in a secure location).

The reports that DonkeyBean creates for your company will only be seen by you, and your other Xero users who join DonkeyBean.  We don’t see your reports, or even any invoice line amount. (If you have a question about any totals you’ll need to send us a screenshot).

All website traffic is protected with SSL, to keep things secure.


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