Adding More Organisations

Additional organisations can be added to your account via the Xero Connections page. This page also lists current organisations that are associated with your account.

To access the Xero Connections page go to Settings (cog icon) > Xero Connections.

To add a new organisation click on the Add Company button. This will redirect you to the Xero website. Upon login you are able to select the organisation you are authorising DonkeyBean to access. Once selected you will be redirected back to DonkeyBean and the repeating invoice importing process will commence.

Note: If you have access to multiple organisations in Xero, then you should have it set up to access all of these from the same email login.  When you connect DonkeyBean, Xero will give you a dropdown to select the organisation you want DonkeyBean to access.  If you currently use different email logins in Xero for your different accounts, you need to make sure you are either logged out of Xero, or logged into Xero with the correct account you want to access, as Xero won’t give you a dropdown to select the organisation if that Xero login only has access to one Xero account).

Access level: In order to add an organisation to DonkeyBean you must first have “Standard access” or higher for that account within Xero account.

Subscriptions: Each organisation in DonkeyBean has its own subscription.  For example, if you have two organisations connected to DonkeyBean you can have one of them on the free plan and the other on the standard plan.

Switching between organisations:  Once you have added more than one organisation you can easily switch between them by hovering over your organisation name at the top right and choosing the organisation you want to switch to.

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