Do you use a lot of repeating invoices in Xero? 

DonkeyBean shows your upcoming monthly income from repeating invoices in Xero... for the next 12 months!

Less than 2 mins to setup. No credit card required.

Xero reports don't show your future income

Do your repeating invoices have varying frequencies? Some monthly, others two monthly, quarterly, six-monthly or annually? If so, your repeating income varies each month.

Income only shows in Xero reports after the invoice has been triggered. This means you can’t see what your repeating invoices income will be two, three, six and 12 months from now.

DonkeyBean shows your future income.

You already have the repeating invoices set up in Xero. 

With DonkeyBean you will be able to instantly see what your repeating income will be each month, for the next 12 months.

It takes the donkey work out of counting your future beans!

You'll be able to:

  • See your income total from repeating invoices each month
  • See a breakdown of income per Xero account code each month
  • Be alerted to any repeating invoices that are ending soon
  • See exactly which invoices are being generated each month

View your reports right now with a 30 day free trial

DonkeyBean takes less than 2 mins to setup.

You'll get a 30 day free trial of the full features (no credit card required). Plus we have a forever-free plan if you decide you don't need the full features.

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